Practical Performance Products was established in 1990, with the online site coming along in 2012.  The website is a work in progress and I welcome you to check back often to see what has changed.

This business came about from a personal need to locate a variety of harder to find items for my personal shooting use, as well as that of friends and family, starting as far back as 1982.  Over time I started attending local gun shows providing these products to the “public”, this is when “Practical Performance Products” was born.  Over the years, I began attending more and more shows, expanding my product line and my sales base.  I am happy to supply the individual consumer or the small business owner alike.

With retirement from my “day job”, the website was initiated and the business has become my retirement project.  This will result in more variety over time and the attendance at more shows as time allows.

My wife and family assist with the business and together we bring more than 140 years of shooting experience and knowledge to the table.  This experience ranges from recreational sport shooting, through hunting, instructing and competition, to professional armed service.  We enjoy what we do and that is why we do it!  We are a family business and members of the shooting community, not a large faceless corporation.